The continuous hacking attempts on e107 based websites urged to be aware how exactly the attacks happen.
By this reason we have made a simple logger to review all POSTs to an e107 based systems.

Download link

1. Installation notes

Unzip the contents of the archive in a desired folder.
To use the logger, you will need to edit your e107_config.php file.
Open e107_config.php and place the following line at the end of the file (don't forget to leave the last line empty):

$CLASS2_INCLUDE = 'rl.php';

After that you have to place the rl.php file into your e107 main dir,
create folder "logs" into your e107 files folder (default is "/e107_files")
and move the .htaccess file from the archive to the new folder (/e107_files/logs).
You can test it by simply logging in.

2. Log access

The log access is restricted for web by the .htaccess file.
To check your logs, log into your ftp account and check the logs folder.
All files names are formed by the date-month-year pattern.

3. Responsibilities

The FSNet team distributes this archive in he form of "AS IS".
The FSNet team is not responsible for any harms, caused by misuse or bugs.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

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