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Here at JE Network we strive to bring you all you could need for your online lifestyle, from creating blogs, business and personal websites to using online voice communications to chat with friends and family.

JE Network is an umbrella for all the sites and services that we offer from Web Hosting, Web Design, Domain Name Registration, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Voice Communication Servers to Secure Certificates (SSL).

Our 2 main sites JE Web Design & JE Hosting (Brief description to the right) offer a one stop shop for your personal or business website needs from your ideas to creation and implementation.

We are always updating our blog for all the sites under the JE Network umbrella, from new sites created and added to our portfolio to prices being dropped for web hosting.

JE Web Design

Strives to bring your ideas to visualization.

We can create basic to high end business & personal sites all at affordable prices with unparalleled support.

We make sure you have a presence on the world wide web and you get noticed, we use a variety of different web design code, HTML, HTML5 PHP, Java Sript, Flash & Content Management Systems (CMS).

JE Web Hosting

We offer quality reliable and secure servers whether its a shared hosting package on Windows, Linux or a Dedicated server.

A Shared hosting package on Windows or Linux with a very generous amount of Hard Drive Space and Monthly Bandwidth costs as little as £1.67
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